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Pioneer Recovery

Pioneer Recovery offers men of all ages the chance to live a life free from all mood and mind altering substances. We believe the foundation to every person�s recovery is developing a strong physical, mental, and spiritual plan against substance use. The staff at Pioneer Recovery is able to help you or your loved one learn the causes and conditions of addiction and implement the tools and skills necessary to achieve long term sobriety.

Footprints Recovery

Footprints Recovery Home is a transitional living home designed to teach young women how to live a life free from alcoholism and drug addiction. We not only give our clients the education and tools to maintain their recovery in our program, but we show them how to use what they have learned once they graduate from our program and begin their new life outside of Footprints. The Footprints treatment program is suggested to women over the age of 18.

New Freedom Recovery

New Freedom Recovery House is here to teach young men how to live a life free from alcohol and other mind altering substances. We not only provide the tools to maintain sobriety while clients are in our program, but we teach them how to use them so they are prepared when they commence from our program and live on their own. Our program is suggested to young men over the age of 18.

Freedom Recovery Center

Freedom Recovery Center is an affordable drug and alcohol treatment center dedicated to offering the highest level of care at the best rates. It is important to us that our clients maintain long-term sobriety, it is equally important that our clients families understand and grow as well in this process. This is why Freedom Recovery Center offers an array of services dedicated to solving the Addiction problem faced by your loved one.

Prescott House

Prescott House, Inc. is a nationally recognized long term rehab & addiction treatment center for men. Prescott House Arizona State Licensed Residential Treatment Center and extended care treatment facility for men who need further treatment beyond primary inpatient treatment for a wide range of personal issues.

Reflections Recovery Center

Reflections Recovery Center provides clients with sufficient and comfortable living areas, amenities and furnishings for effective health, safety, studying, socializing and rest. Our Clinical Offices are located just a short distance from the residential property and van transportation is provided by Reflections to and from these offices where clients receive licensed clinical services. Our modern, organized, and professional office setting provides a calm and healing environment for those seeking recovery from substance abuse.

Arrowhead Lodge, LLC

If you are a man over the age of 30, or if you are looking for an alcohol and drug rehab center for an adult male, and your life feels out of control or like life has lost its purpose and meaning, then Arrowhead Lodge may be your solution.

Carleton Recovery Centers

Essentials at Carleton is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment program custom tailored to meet each client�s individual needs. Located in Prescott, Arizona, our around the clock supervised program consists of lectures, and the development of an individual drug and alcohol rehab treatment plan incorporating counseling, nutritional & physical therapy, as well as reading assignments, 12-Step programs, and relaxation & stress-management techniques.

A Sober Way Home - Alcohol & Drug Rehab

We provide men and women safe, effective, intensive and expansive therapeutic drug rehab and alcoholism addiction treatment programs in a family-style residential setting that prepares them to remain clean and sober while embracing the benefit of a lifelong 12-Step commitment. Located in beautiful Arizona, our Alcohol & Drug Rehab center is the perfect place to get away from it all. We are proud to be considered one of the top Drug Treatment programs in the country, and to be featured on A&Es show Intervention & even Oprah!

Gallus Detox

We know youre scared for yourself or your loved but youve taken the first step by deciding its time to recover from alcoholism or drug addiction. Your next step is just as important: choosing a facility that ensures your detox is fast, safe and comfortable. The Gallus Detox Method meets all those needs along with providing upscale private rooms and round the clock medical care. The Gallus IV therapy program relieves the pain and misery of withdrawal and�unlike "rapid drug detox" methods�it does NOT involve the risk of anesthesia.

Arizona Detox Centers

Arizona Detox CENTERS provides comprehensive medical detoxification for Drug and Alcohol dependence. Our brand new, state of the art Alcohol & Drug Detox facility is fully licensed and professionally staffed. We accept health insurance upon verification of benefits as well as private pay clients.

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