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JFCS of Southern Arizona

Since 1941, we have helped families in crisis, children with challenges, people with disabilities, frail and elderly adults, and neighbors without basic necessities. Our clients come from all faiths, age groups and all economic backgrounds. At JFCS, we offer a continuum of social and counseling programs that make a big difference for people during difficult times in their lives.

Sierra Tucson

Trusted and recommended by doctors and therapists across the world, our drug rehab is recognized for providing safe, successful, and supportive treatment programs for those struggling with addiction and a wide range of complex disorders. Since 1983, our renowned programs have effected positive change in the lives of over 27,000 patients and over 70,000 family members.

In Balance Intensive Outpatient

In Balance is dedicated to providing top quality, interactive services for a chemically dependent population with moderate to severe drug problems. Its very name derives its commitment to address all four elements of an individuals human being: physical, emotional, social, and spiritual. In Balance works in three different ways: using a 12-step curriculum, relapse prevention and incorporating experiential based therapy. Our philosophy is that by mixing up the different modalities, the group members feel an excitement about each and every session.

Southwest Sober Living

Southwest Sober Living is a recovery retreat for men tucked away in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains in Tucson, Arizona. Southwest Sober Living offers a safe and structured environment that facilitates an ongoing and successful recovery for its residents. We offer a supportive setting for men who are exiting primary care, residential, and extended care programs. We work closely with programs such as Sierra Tucson, Cottonwood Tucson, Hazelden, Back2Basics, Cirque Lodge, The Betty Ford Center, The Caron Center, and The Meadows.

In Balance Sober Living Homes

In Balance Sober Living makes the combination of sobriety and real life as easy as possible. It allows our residents to utilize recovery in a real life setting with less structure and more freedom than any treatment setting. All of the residents must embrace recovery and sobriety, this allows them to be surrounded by positive influences and a recovery community.

The River Source

We at The River Source of Arizona approach addiction treatment as a full healing of the mind, body and spirit. Our drug rehab centers unique, holistic approach has successfully helped countless individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction achieve long term recovery.

Desert Milagros

Desert Milagros, meaning desert miracles, was established in 1997 in beautiful Tucson, Arizona. Through the years Desert Milagros has provided a place to explore personal development from a holistic perspective and has offered services that addressed the interconnecting relationship between physical, mental, and spiritual philosophies.

Zen Institute

Zen Institute offers a ground-breaking treatment model that consists of four treatment modalities: CBT, DBT, EMDR and Inner Twin work. It is different than the traditional kind of psychotherapy, yet it is very powerful. As you go through the process, you will know that you are the one in charge of your life, and you will no longer live in fear nor loneliness. You will be able to feel unshakable inner peace and total self-confidence!

Sonora Behavioral Health

Sonora Behavioral Health Hospital is an inpatient hospital designed to treat behavioral health and chemical dependency issues affecting children, adolescents and adults. Additionally, our BRAVEST program is a dedicated military unit, meeting the unique needs of active duty and veteran service men and women. We also offers mental health and substance abuse intensive outpatient services and a partial hospitalization program.

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