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Piney Ridge Center

Piney Ridge Center is an 84-bed psychiatric residential facility that has been specifically designed for girls and boys between the ages of 7 and 17 who are suffering from sexual behavior disorders. Piney Ridge Center is unique in that they exclusively serve children who are struggling with problematic sexual behaviors that are complicated by mental illness. Our treatment programs are designed to address both the problematic sexual behavior and the mental health problems equally.

Vantage Point Behavioral Health

Our caring staff and individualized treatment plans create the perfect environment for men, women, children & seniors to heal from their mental health issues & co-occurring disorders. We provide multiple levels of care for all age groups, allowing us to meet our patients where they are in their life. Through individual, group, and family therapy we are able to peal away the layers & triggers that have caused a person to seek treatment to ensure a long lasting, healthy recovery.

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