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Acadia Malibu

Our care is provided by skilled professionals who truly understand addiction and the underlying trauma or �hurt� that usually causes it. �Addiction is not the problem. Addiction is the addict�s attempt to solve a problem,� as Dr. Gabor Mate points out. The problem centers around some form of emotional pain and the profound sense of disconnection that accompanies that pain.

Milestones Ranch Malibu

Milestones Ranch Malibu is one of the premier dual diagnosis residential treatment centers in the country. Located in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains just minutes from the Pacific Ocean, we offer exceptional, highly individualized drug & alcohol treatment in a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment. Milestones is where adult men and women of all ages are brought together to find peace of mind, recovery from their addictions, serenity and a new appreciation for life. Unlike many traditional treatment centers and drug rehabs, we at Milestones Ranch Malibu believe that in addressing the co-occurring, dual diagnosis and associated conditions, in conjunction with the drug abuse and addiction issues, people are given the best chance for long term recovery.

Serra Bluff

From its gracious architecture to the rugged coastline views to a multitude of services, care and amenities, this world-class recovery home offers a masterful mix of nature, comprehensive support and luxury. Serra Retreat is a private gated and secured community in Malibu. This home sits near the top of a beautiful private street with grand views of the Pacific Ocean as well as the Santa Monica Mountains. Our Serra Bluff Sober Living Home is very private . This home is nestled on a bluff overlooking Carbon Beach. The neighborhood of Serra Retreat is limited to a small and tight knit community.

Journey Malibu

At JOURNEY MALIBU, we encourage you to participate in your own recovery. We will incorporate our staff�s wide range of skills, which encompass a combination of allopathic, holistic, and evidence-based medicine/treatments to co-create a program that best suits your individual needs.

Visions Adolescent Residential Treatment Centers

Visions Treatment Centers offers a comprehensive clinically- based treatment option for adolescents, young adults and their families. Visions multi-modal approach to treating complex issues relies on a team approach including family, previous treatment professionals, teachers, community experts and Visions team of unparalleled clinicians.

Evolve Treatment Centers -Teen Residential,Topanga

We empower our clients to set healthy goals, make constructive choices, and commit to lifelong positive change. We recognize each adolescent is a wellspring of potential and therefore we designed a program which helps teens harness their passions. We help motivate them to create, connect, and manifest a personal vision towards their future self. Change is inevitable. Tackling life demands conscientious preparation. We are committed to helping clients feel equipped to evolve successfully on their own terms and on good terms with their families.

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