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CHI Recovery by Conscious Healing Innovations

The model for addiction recovery across America has been pretty disheartening. Believe it or not, there haven�t been any national standards set in the treatment of addiction disorder�and the results is massive failure in combating addiction disease. Don�t get us wrong�there are many dedicated people doing the best with the knowledge they have had. CHI Recovery is committed to changing this current reality. Our unique and Evidenced-Based treatment reforms the status quo by delivering a state-of-the-art and innovative program that exceeds the highest standards set by CASAColumbia. The CORE program includes comprehensive treatment, medical management, intensive therapy, and significantly higher caliber of services than more than 95% of the addiction programs available in the nation.

Azure Acres Recovery Center

Situated in an historic lodge in the hills west of Sonoma County, Azure Acres has been providing comprehensive, highly effective drug and alcohol treatment services since 1959. Entering treatment at Azure Acres will be a restorative experience for body, mind and spirit. Our intimate setting is an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming: clients have complete accessibility to counselors and staff with our open door policy. This well established program is highly recommended by clinical, medical and business professionals in Northern California.

Therapy Works: Healing Beyond Survival

We offer counseling for individuals, couples, families, children, adolescents, adults, and elders. We welcome people from all cultural backgrounds, world views, and belief systems. This includes military veterans, the LGBTQQI communities, blended families, and more.

Health Resolutions Treatment Center

Health Resolutions Treatment Center takes a bold, fresh approach to health. We focus on solving core biochemical and physical impairments rather than managing symptoms. We get to the root cause to reveal a more permanent solution. Like an engineer, we fine tune a bodys own operating system. We stabilize imbalances, optimize body functions and free a body to operate at peak efficiency. Our goal is to help patients step out of frustration and dependency on the health care system and gain greater control of their own health and well-being.

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