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Journey of Life Counseling and Assessment Services

Technology is now used for mental health services. At Journey of Life Counseling and Assessment Services, telemental health is therapy services provided via a secured internet connection (Skype is the current platform used that meets security requirements). At this time, individual therapy, couple�s/marital therapy, and crisis management services are the treatment modalities provided via telemental health.

Mindful Center-Individual, Couple & Family Therapy

At The Mindful Center for Individual, Couple, and Family Therapy, we incorporate mindfulness as a central feature of the treatment we provide, quite simply because it works and has been shown to work in many scientific studies. However, we also understand that many forms of suffering can be quite complex and at times, hard to treat. Therefore we also emphasize a non-judgmental, compassionate, empathic relationship as a foundation of change with other scientifically supported methods to provide you with the most effective forms of treatment today.

Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services

Located in the Contra Costa community of Northern California, Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol services believes that by combining quality medical care with counseling support from specialized Chemical Dependency Therapists, our clients have the best possible opportunity to have have a lasting recovery. We understand the devastation addiction can bring to not just the client but to their families and community. With our specialized treatment plans coupled with our clients promise to remain in treatment for two years, our clients have a significant chance to meet their recovery goals and remain abstinent. With this program, our clients have the advantage and luxury of being able to stay in our long term program while remaining in the comfort of their own home as well as continuing with work or school.

Bayside Marin

From our location in Marin County, overlooking the beautiful San Francisco Bay, Bayside Marin offers an intimate treatment setting and an unparalleled level of care. We offer a blend of evidence-based and holistic therapies, and specialize in treating addiction and contributing, underlying issues, such as depression, anxiety, trauma, bipolar, attention deficit and borderline personality disorders. With a team of experts among the most highly skilled recovery professionals in the Bay Area, we will provide you with the best possible care available. Trusted and recommended by doctors and therapists, our compassionate and caring treatment programs provide you with the newest advances in addiction treatment in a truly restorative setting.

Gracer Behavioral Health Services/ Medical Group

We specialize in comprehensive treatment for Addiction to Prescription Drugs, Alcohol, Benzodiazapines (including Ativan, Xanax, Valium, and Ambien), Cocaine, and Methamphetamine. Our program includes medical evaluation and treatment for detox, ongoing craving reduction, and co-existing psychiatric conditions, as well as a CARF accredited Intensive Outpatient Program (called an IOP), which often is covered by health insurance plans. In addition, after the 12 week IOP program is completed, there is an included, ongoing aftercare program, so you stay in touch and have long term support for your sobriety.

BlueCove Homes

The San Francisco Bay Area is considered the birthplace of BlueCove Homes Sober Living Residences. Our first ever location was launched here in Northern California with the purpose of striving to set new standards in addiction recovery housing. It wasn�t enough to just simply offer upscale sober living at affordable rates. Nor was it enough to operate along a status quo frame of mind that, being like all the others was good enough. That�s not what BlueCove is about�

The Sequoia Center

The treatment philosophy of The Sequoia Center is grounded in compassionate care. We offer client-centered services, which provides for the integration of our expertise with that of each individual and family for whom we assist on the road to recovery. Through a skillful combination of the Social and Medical Models of addiction treatment, we create an unparalleled environment for personal, and familial, transformation. We are dedicated to working with you, not on you, in your efforts to stop the destructive cycle of addiction. Our approach is multi-dimensional and improves your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.

Woodleaf Eating Disorder Center

Woodleaf is a unique intensive outpatient program for eating disorders located in San Francisco, California. We are the most individualized eating disorder program in San Francisco and all of our clients receive a great deal of focused, expert care. We offer flexible evening hours so you do not have to interrupt your life to recover. Our philosophy is one of hope, harm reduction and self compassion. We provide a supportive environment where people can practice new behaviors and learn new ways to relate to themselves and others.


Reflections focuses on the clients comfort and their privacy in our luxury rehab environment. Our center is oftentimes referred to as private addiction rehab based on the explicit respect we have for a client�s confidentiality and privacy. We respect the fact that the client wants to maintain a low profile while at the same time receiving more personalized attention in a facility that anyone can acclimate to with ease.

New Start Recovery Solutions

At NewStart Recovery Solutions we are a world class specialty behavioral health care organization that offers personalized residential and outpatient and medically managed detox treatment for individuals, families and professionals. New Start guides families and their loved ones suffering with addiction, depression, eating disorders and other behavioral issues into recovery. We walk you through the steps to get started into the recovery process and a new start in life.

Shine A Light Recovery Support Systems

Shine A Light provides assistance and support to addicts and/or alcoholics as they transition from active addiction to a clean and sober life. We recognize the challenges our clients face and understand what it takes to realize a happy, healthy life in sobriety. Our staff works individually with each client to develop a comprehensive Addiction Recovery Plan, uniquely designed to meet the client�s needs. We also provide education and counseling support for the client�s family and other close friends and partners to ensure everyone is working together as a well informed, fully engaged team.

Five Sisters Ranch

At Five Sisters Ranch we provide an intimate, sober setting for women to take an in depth look at core relationship challenges with self and others. We are committed to the concept that each woman is unique and requires specialized individual levels of care. When women walk through our doors, we meet them exactly where they are, embrace the totality of their being and offer them the opportunity to grow in a safe and beautiful environment.

Alta Mira Recovery Programs

Alta Mira is a residential and outpatient addiction and dual-diagnosis treatment center whose mission is to provide hope, strength and healing for individuals and families. We offer the most sophisticated level of clinical and diagnostic services, truly individualized treatment plans, and an exceptional team of highly credentialed addiction treatment professionals. We promise an extraordinary and transformative treatment experience, with a broad selection of holistic services and experiential therapies that help you heal and recover. Our unique program addresses the neurobiological, psychological, physical, social and spiritual aspects of addition, empowering you to find personal meaning and embrace life�s infinite possibilities.

TLC Residential Sober Recovery Residences

TLC provides the proper Sober Living Environment for this transitional living process. Each house, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, operates like a clean and sober family.

Amen Clinics San Francisco

Improving the health of your brain and your quality of life is our primary goal, and it all starts with learning how your brain functions. Why? Your brain controls everything in your life�from motivation to healthy relationships to stress resilience�when your brain works right, you work right too!

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