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NorthStar Transitions

NorthStar Transitions is a young adult extended care substance abuse treatment and sober living program for men and women 18-35 years old serving the Boulder and Denver Colorado communities. What differentiates NorthStar from other extended care substance abuse treatment and sober living programs is the highly individualized approach NorthStar Transitions takes to alcohol and drug rehabilitation. While most drug treatment and sober living programs will focus exclusively on group activities, group therapy and the twelve steps, we mold our program to fit the needs of each individual client, creating an individualized pathway to recovery that works for them.

Collegiate Coaching Services

Collegiate Coaching Services offers a supervised independent living program, therapeutic coaching, academic and executive functioning coaching, & clinical services to young adults, ages 18-30+. We are located in Boulder, CO. Our services are personalized to meet the young adults developmental, emotional, recovery, and academic needs. We specialize in �failure to launch� issues, academic success, recovery from mental health issues, technology abuse, as well as substance abuse. The young adults we work with are not required to be enrolled in college to utilize our services.

Rangeview Counseling Center

Rangeview Counseling Center offers its services in two locations: Boulder and Fraser. Boulder: All of Rangeview�s services are available in Boulder. Fraser: In Fraser, we offer Level I/II DUI Education, and Therapy, on Mondays. We also offer Mental Health and Substance Abuse Evaluations on Monday by appointment.

Fire Mountain Programs

At our teen residential treatment center, your teenager will experience the most successful elements of mental health/drug abuse programs, rehabs and youth treatment centers together in one complete program. Teenagers learn to take charge of their lives and become responsible, contributing adults whether they are dealing with the true disease of addiction, struggling with mild to moderate mental health issues or just �off track� in their lives.

Gateways To Transformation, LLC

Gateways to Transformation is a women�s residential mental health, dual diagnosis, Trauma/PTSD, eating disorder, and substance abuse treatment facility. Gateways to Transformation is a different type of program because of its ability to synthesize the latest psychological methods with mind-body-spirit programming including equine psychotherapy and riding therapy, art therapy, DBT, CBT, neuroscience, community and nutrition in a customizable way. This not only helps each client rehabilitate but empowers them with life skills that make recovery a part of their everyday life. Our main goal is to help every client be able to live a happy, healthy, and productive life�whatever that might mean to them, that is successful for them and the world around them.

The Rose House

The Rose House is an extended care, residential addiction treatment program for women in the beautiful state of Colorado. In our 16 bed, luxury facility, we provide intensive therapy, relapse prevention and facilitate the development of life skills necessary to maintain long term sobriety.

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