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Red Rock Recovery

Red Rock Recovery Center is a Colorado state licensed substance abuse extended care treatment program designed to help you or your loved one recover from the struggles associated with alcoholism and drug addiction. Located in Denver, Colorado we offer a safe haven for those afflicted by the ravages of untreated addiction. Our program is based on a compassionate 12-step model that applies behavioral as well as life skill therapies, which will enable our clients to heal and recover.

Center For Recovery, Inc.

Center for Recovery offers substance abuse treatment, alcohol / alcoholism treatment, addiction treatment, drug addiction & opiate addiction treatment. Our intensive outpatient treatment program for teens and adults meet 3 times a week, including morning and evening adult groups and an after school adolescent group which focuses on marijuana and other drug abuse/dependency .Our program also provides treatment for mental health issues including depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. We provide a safe, intimate setting wherein individuals can explore their core issues, develop greater self-awareness and self-confidence and learn coping skills as well as interpersonal skills.

Dr. John "Jack" McInroy, Ed.D

Dr. Jack McInroy founded Southmoor Psychological Services to offer compassionate counseling services throughout the Denver, Colorado, area. Specializing in anxiety, depression, and addiction, our psychologists actively listen, engage, and offer constructive feedback in order to focus on your treatment and free you from the past. Through our unparalleled techniques, we help expedite your healing process with a sense of humanity and humor. In addition, our services are affordable and convenient, without a waiting list. We pride ourselves in providing specific, targeted individual treatment plans which expedite the process of psychotherapy. We are sensitive to the cost of therapy and have been willing to take a signficant cut in payments by accepting your insurance companys payment schedule.

People House

People House provides opportunities for personal and spiritual growth in a safe and supportive community empowering people for 40 years. Our unique community is dedicated to fostering conscious awareness of body, mind and spirit in individuals, couples, and families through counseling, group activities, and training. Come explore the many possibilities People House has to offer! See the new workshops and classes! Or rent space at People House for your own practice.

Mile High Behavioral Health, LLC

Mile High Behavioral Health, a Colorado corporation, works with individuals, couples and families who want to make their lives better. MHBH helps clients make significant changes that improve their lives by changing behaviors, improving relationships, reducing stress, alleviating emotional pain, increasing connections, and feeling understood.

Equinox Counseling and Wellness Center

Equinox Counseling and Wellness Center is a leader in providing clinically sophisticated counseling and treatment for individuals, couples, and families. We are recognized specialists for our work and the help we offer troubled teens and youth and young adults experiencing challenges related to Autism Spectrum Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, learning and developmental differences, and emotional and behavioral problems.

At Peace Therapy Centers

At Peace Therapy Centers offers individual and group counseling for children, adults, teens. Peace of mind is important to our clients we do this by providing quality counseling that is accessible, accountable and affordable in one of our several locations. We offer group classes, group therapy, individual therapy, seminars, and workshops. We want to be a resource to our community.

Quiet River Addiction Center

Quiet River Addiction Center is a program that bonds together and guides individuals to a new, healthy way to live and be balanced; mind, body, and soul. Our primary goal is to help those in recovery establish the foundation necessary to reintegrate into independent living. Our mission is to give each individual the interpersonal tools and sober network to sustain positive and lasting changes within themselves.

Creekside Collaborative Therapy

Creekside Collaborative Therapy is a network of therapists with independent private practices. We share a common vision of providing quality mental health services which are trauma-informed and based on interventions that have been proven to be effective. Our multidisciplinary network includes Master�s level therapists, a Psychiatrist, a Psychiatric Physician�s Assistant and a Speech & Language Pathologist. We accept most major insurance plans and have clinicians who are able to provide services on a sliding scale basis. In addition we offer the convenience of online scheduling for clients who prefer this option.

Creative Treatment Options

Our substance use disorder treatments include: Relapse prevention, Level II Poly-drug education, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive restructuring therapy, Marijuana abstinence program, Stimulant treatment outpatient program, Strategies for self-Improvement and change, and an Intensive outpatient program.

Westside Behavioral Care, Inc.

Westside Behavioral Cares experienced mental health professionals provide a broad spectrum of services designed to help patients evaluate the root causes of distress in their lives. We know that mental illness knows no class, age, gender or ethnicity and we treat everyone who needs help dealing with problems that interfere with their health, safety or relationships. Our specialties cover a variety of mental health problems and our goal is to help you reach optimal mental health.

Arapahoe/Douglas Mental Health Network

Our counselors, therapists, psychiatrists, case managers, benefits and housing specialists, and other specialized staff provide a wide range of services � including outpatient counseling and psychiatric services, emergency and acute care treatment, short- and long-term inpatient treatment, programs for those with severe and persistent mental illness (SPMI), and a host of other programs. Specialized offerings include programs for those struggling with bipolar disorder, grief, post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) and borderline personality disorder.

People House - East

People House provides opportunities for personal and spiritual growth in a safe and supportive community empowering people for 40 years. Our unique community is dedicated to fostering conscious awareness of body, mind and spirit in individuals, couples, and families through counseling, group activities, and training. Come explore the many possibilities People House has to offer! See the new workshops and classes! Or rent space at People House for your own practice.

West Pines Behavioral Health

Mental illness and addiction affect millions of people every day. Since 1988, West Pines has provided hope, healing, and recovery for patients and their loved ones. Our qualified medical and clinical teams serve adults ages 18 and older with mental illness or chemical dependency concerns. We also offer integrated treatment for people with co-occuring diagnoses who are affected by both chemical dependency and an emotional or psychiatric disorder. Our holistic approach to treatment focuses on the physical, emotional, social and spiritual well being of each of our patients.

Devereux Colorado

Devereux is a leader in the use of evidence-based practices to support specific populations of children and youth in need, including children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral disorders, children and transition-aged adolescents on the autism spectrum, LGBT youth, and victims of child sexual exploitation and other trauma-inducing experiences. Devereux also provides services for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities through a variety of employment, recreational and community-centered activities.

Grace Counseling

Grace Counseling offers comprehensive counseling services, including marriage counseling in Denver, through its staff of 13 professional therapists. As a full-service counseling center, we offer a variety of diverse specializations for children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. Our team of therapists are equipped to provide competent, professional psychotherapy in Denver for people in all ages, stages, and transitions of life. We provide a safe environment where an individual or an entire family can come to one location and have the resources available to assist with any needs.

Serenity at Stout Street Foundation

Serenity is a 28 day Intensive Residential Treatment center for adult men and women suffering from substance use disorder. Founded in 2005, we have been serving Colorado for close to 9 years and providing treatment to those who are ready to quit drugs and/or alcohol.

Freedom Center

Freedom Center is an outpatient program working with men and women to help them replace addictive practices with self-mastery so that dependency is transformed into empowerment. Since 2000, Freedom Center has helped over 1,000 people successfully gain control of their addictions and their lives. Ours is the only program combining the new neuroscience technology with proven treatment practices.

Parker Valley Hope

Parker Valley Hope, built in 1989, is located in the South Denver Metro area, in the town of Parker, Colorado. The location is a comfortable, �in the country� setting; just one and one half miles out of the town of Parker. We are a free standing substance abuse facility with 10 detox beds and 40 dormitory beds. We have nursing staff around the clock helping our patients recover. We offer detox, residential and partial levels of care seven days per week. We also offer family support and education, believing that substance abuse has an overwhelming impact on everyone in the family. We have found that individuals whose families are involved in treatment have a higher sobriety rate.

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