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The Southfield Center for Development

The Southfield Center for Development is a family-centered, interdisciplinary practice dedicated to providing comprehensive evaluation and care across a wide range of ages and challenges. We offer a warm, inviting environment and a team of more than 30 skilled practitioners trained to provide an integrated approach to learning, emotional, and behavioral issues.

Causeway Collaborative

We help young adults bridge the gap between potential and outcome. Our programs help to foster fruitful transitions to adulthood. Through clinical support and futures planning, we hand young men and women the brick and mortar they need to build their own bridges.

Stokes Counseling Services

Stokes Counseling Services LLC is a private counseling practice located in Naugatuck made up of licensed therapists who specialize in children and families. In addition to our work with children and families, we provide individual, family, and couples counseling to adults. We understand finding the right fit for a therapist is important and acknowledge you must feel safe and comfortable before making those difficult steps in getting better. We do our best to provide a comfortable setting to help guide you to feeling better within the first few sessions.

Stamford Clinical Services : Outpatient Groups

Stamford Clinical Services LLC by Alejandra services offers a personal approach to people, community and organizations to transform and make the changes through individualized professional style. We work an update model of change, connecting last scientific outcomes in the field of Neuroscience, behavioral science, and educational research and coaching approaches. We focus on helping you to learn how to master your mind: Thinking is the key to unlock your potential so you (or your organization or your community) can create and reinvent yourself and achieve your (or your organization or your community) goals and dreams.

Shoreline Wellness Center

Shoreline Wellness Center (SWC) is a multi-specialty, group, behavioral health practice located in West Haven, CT. SWC offers individual, group, marriage/couples and family counseling services for children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. At Shoreline Wellness Center, our vision is to create an environment where everyone has the resources available to them to lead a healthy, productive, safe and meaningful life. To bring this vision into reality, our mission at SWC is to offer behavioral health services that are person-centered, strength based, empowering and collaborative to members of West Haven amd its surrounding communities.

Detox Express (outpatient detoxification)

Our mission is to provide outpatient detoxification for everyone who struggles with substance abuse. 2 or 3 simple outpatient visits and you will be started on medications to come off the drugs or alcohol from the first day.

Aware Recovery Care Inc

Recent studies by leaders in addiction medicine show that those who can maintain abstinence from alcohol and drugs for a full year gain a much better chance of achieving sustained recovery. Aware Recovery Care provides a full year of the most intensive, face-to-face care available, in the community where you live, for the best chance of sustained recovery.

ASD Center for Therapeutic Services

We offer supportive services with an affordable and comprehensive approach in order to help Children, Families, Adolescents and Young Adults living with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Substance Abuse and other Mental Health Disorders. We have the ability to match the needs of the client with the professional that has the skill set necessary to provide the best therapeutic outcome. The result is long term.

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