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White River Academy

White River Academy was founded in Puerto Rico in 2002 by Justin Nielson where it was operated for around five years before relocating it to Delta, Utah, on the edge of the scenic, rugged Great Basin area. At this time the academy is owned and operated by Sovereign Health Group which is based in San Clemente, Calif. White River Academy and the Delta community have developed a strong, symbiotic relationship. Delta is a community where small-town values still shape day-to-day life. Rugged individualism and self-reliance are still valued, but it is also a community where everyone takes an interest in the future of each youth. This allows us to implement community involvement and mentoring alongside an intensive treatment curriculum to guide students to become men of character and integrity.

Mid-Atlantic Behavioral Health

Mid-Atlantic Behavioral Health combines the expertise of our diverse professional staff of licensed psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists with a comprehensive array of proven outpatient therapy, testing and psychiatric approaches to inspire and support each individual, family or group to reach their fullest potential. We also offer consulting and training services in educational, medical, forensic, business and other settings as well as partner with various community and professional organizations to take an active role in enhancing quality mental health care in the area.

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