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MeadowWood Hospital

MeadowWood Behavioral Health System is a 78-bed psychiatric and addiction treatment center for adolescents, adults, and older adults. MeadowWood offers a safe and comfortable environment where patients can leave behind the stress of daily life and place all of their focus on the healing process. The entire staff at MeadowWood is dedicated to providing compassionate, comprehensive care to all individuals that entrust us with their care.

Aquila of DE

Aquila is a CARF- Accredited and Licensed agency dedicated to identifying and treating substance abusing dually diagnosed adolescents and young adults. Because the issues facing todays youth are complex and demanding, we have designed highly specialized treatment programs that help adolescents and young adults confront their problems and overcome them. We believe that substances abuse affects every level of a familys functioning and we encourage maximum family involvement in treatment. Our goal is to assist adolescents and young adults in creating a dynamic and creative recovery process that will become the foundation of a productive life-style.

Mid-Atlantic Behavioral Health

Mid-Atlantic Behavioral Health combines the expertise of our diverse professional staff of licensed psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists with a comprehensive array of proven outpatient therapy, testing and psychiatric approaches to inspire and support each individual, family or group to reach their fullest potential. We also offer consulting and training services in educational, medical, forensic, business and other settings as well as partner with various community and professional organizations to take an active role in enhancing quality mental health care in the area.

Argo Institute

Argo is a comprehensive treatment program designed specifically for substance abusing dually diagnosed young adults (19 to 26). The program has been specifically designed on the latest research utilizing a trauma-informed treatment design. Our therapists work with clients to assist them in gaining independence from alcohol and drugs while building life and interpersonal skills needed for success in adulthood. We integrate harm reduction strategies, 12-step self help group support, as well as actively treating accompanying emotional problems. If needed, we offer psychiatric assessments and medication prescribing and/or monitoring. Each Argo clinician is continually trained and updated on the newest treatment approaches as well as trends in drug use such as prescription pill addiction, bath salts, and synthetic marijuana.

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