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Center for Hope of the Sierras

Trusted and recommended by doctors and therapists throughout the country, Center for Hope provides residential treatment for women 16 and older, while the partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient program treats both men and women age 14 and older. We provide clinically sophisticated treatment for even the most complex cases. Since 2003, we have been considered experts in the field, and our programs have been featured in both the Huffington Post and the Chicago Tribune.

Treatment Consultation Services

A Message from Allison, "Changing our lives is possible! I have watched individuals, couples, families, and groups truly transform themselves and each other for the past 8 years. People change. We evolve. Sometimes, we are presented with obstacles that block our growth and evolution as individuals and as a couple. Most of my clients feel as if something has gotten in the way of their goals, relationships, or well-being. From anxiety and depression, to stress, negative interaction patterns, addictions, stress disorders, alcohol abuse, and poor concentration, I believe it is the job of the therapist to facilitate a safe environment to explore new ways for you to function in your life and relationships. Everything is connected-we do what we do as a part of a larger, life-long pattern that is constantly playing out. Without awareness of our pattern, it is next to impossible to change. I firmly believe that it is the right of every single human alive to experience a full and meaningful life."

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