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Southeast Psych

When you visit our offices, you�ll notice a life size Darth Vader, tremendous hospitality, and even an unexpected sense of fun. We want our clients to have a special experience from the time they walk in the door until the moment they leave. Our team includes some of the best clinicians anywhere with professionals who have been educated and trained at some of the country�s finest universities, including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Duke, Brown, UVA, and UNC-Chapel Hill. But we don�t just hire people based on education and training alone, we also make sure they are a good fit for us and for our clients. Clinicians and staff who work at Southeast Psych must have easily relatable and engaging personalities.

Strategic Behavioral Center - Charlotte

Strategic Behavioral Health strives to provide high quality care to clients, through a patient-centered "team" approach. Our staff are known not only for their technical skill sets, but also for the compassion, empathy, and perseverance they demonstrate for patients and their families. We focus on communication. With patients. With their families. With payors. And with referral sources. Collaboration with all social service agencies allows for greater treatment outcomes.

Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers

At Legacy Free Treatment Centers, we employ a holistic approach to outpatient substance abuse and addiction treatment at our facilities in Charlotte, NC; Raleigh, NC; and Columbus,OH. The benefits of outpatient abuse and addiction treatment are many. With several weekly group and individual sessions and activities, we believe your sobriety from drugs, alcohol, and other addictions can be both supplemented and maintained whether or not you have been to, or considered, inpatient substance abuse and addiction treatment. Legacy�s holistic substance abuse and addiction treatment program heals the whole you, and rivals many 30-90 day inpatient treatment programs, all the while letting you maintain and greatly improve your life, without checking into a hospital-style facility. We believe in treating the individual from the inside out, and through group and individual sessions, can help you overcome addiction and dependency once and for all, and live life with passion. With the proper treatment, you can live a calm, relaxed life, free of the fear of relapse.

Presbyterian Psychological Services

Presbyterian Psychological Services is an integrated, interdisciplinary center for psychiatry, psychology, pastoral counseling, career counseling, and community education. We are committed to empowering all individuals, couples, and families in our community to heal and to grow in an atmosphere of safety and clinical expertise. Presby Psych welcomes people of all ages, races, and ethnicities, genders, faiths, and sexual orientations.

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