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Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers

Legacy Freedom Treatment Center is Raleigh, NC�s top choice for drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Our holistic approach to recovery is second to none. The lives we�ve changed are a direct result of our care and concern. Our intensive outpatient treatment programs for adults meets 3 times a week for group sessions and a minimum of twice a week for individual sessions. Your personal counselor will work with you to custom-tailor a treatment plan that directly fits your needs. There is no such thing as �one size fits all� with addiction treatment. We work with individuals that suffer from drug addiction, alcoholism, substance abuse, and mental health issues including depression, anxiety, ADHD, etc.

Carolina Outreach, LLC

COFAST � short for Carolina Outreach Family and Systems Treatment � is a multi-systems model that recognizes how the many influences on a young person contribute to a child�s psychosocial development and success or failure with school, family, and peers. These influences include the child�s parental and family relationships, the school environment, peer influences, community characteristics, and genetic, medical, and intra-psychic factors within the child. All of these variables are considered in each case.

Lifescapes Counseling Associates, PLLC

It�s not easy to ask for help. On the other hand, recognizing that you need help and acting on that need is truly a sign of strength, maturity, and good judgment. With inner strength, hope, and the support of friends and family, we are often able to work through problems and reach our goals without additional assistance. However, asking for help and sharing such challenges with a caring, well-trained professional can help us to process our experiences in healthy, adaptive ways.

Fonthill Counseling, PLLC

Specializing in teen and college students and adults suffering from anxiety, depression or addiction. Free consultation + screening.

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