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Portland Psychotherapy Depression Treatment Prog.

The Depression Treatment Program at Portland Psychotherapy is committed to helping clients overcome problems with depression and to live fuller and more meaningful lives. Our approach is active and focused on our clients� values and specific life situations. Rather than simply helping people to feel better, we help them to live better.

Lewis & Clark Community Counseling Center

At the Lewis & Clark Community Counseling Center near downtown Portland, we offer a wide range of counseling and therapy services for individuals of all ages, as well as for couples and families experiencing distress in areas of mental health, addictions, and relationships issues.

Integrative Trauma Treatment Center

ITTC provides trauma treatment to survivors of physical, emotional, and political trauma from a prism of honor, reverence and optimism. We work from the assumption of inherent goodness, health and capacity in all people. ITTC practitioners have various specialities in other arenas of mental health in addition to post-traumatic stress. Trauma is our specialty, which increases our ability to address other concerns with sensitivity, compassion, and skill. Medication management, acupuncture/chinese medicine, and massage are offered in conjunction with psychotherapy as an integrative approach to mental health. Please contact us for a free consultation regarding how these modalities can work together. Our psychiatrist, acupuncturist and massage therapist are open to community members and are not exclusive to ITTC clientele.

Hazelden in Beaverton

Hazeldens Beaverton, Oregon outpatient clinic, part of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, where your treatment team includes leading experts in the field of alcohol and drug addiction and co-occurring disorders. Offering specialized programs for outpatient detoxification, Comprehensive Opioid Response with the Twelve Steps (COR-12) for detoxing from heroin, and chronic pain management in the Portland area, our integrated approach and individualized care ensures a respectful and healing outpatient treatment experience.

Alliance Counseling & The Center at Heron Hill

The Center at Heron Hill is a nature-based therapy and education program utilizing the principles of ecopsychology and equine-assisted growth and learning. These exciting modalities are proven to be a great addition to more classic treatment practices in that they enhance and augment a clients innate need for connection and relationships with the outside world, especially with nature. At Heron Hill we offer clients the opportunity to utilize equine-assisted psychotherapy and education, horticultural therapy, primitive earth skills, and numerous other nature based experiences, initiatives, and discussions. For example, groups engage in fire making, shelter building, plant identification, and archery to shape a treatment plan that supplements existing treatment. Heron Hills team of counselors and adventure specialists embody a wide spectrum of experiences and training.

Hazeldens Springbrook

Hazeldens Springbrook, Oregon campus, part of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, where our evidence-based addiction treatment practices provide you with the best foundation for lifelong recovery. In addition to our acclaimed residential addiction treatment and extended care programs, we specialize in addiction treatment for those with co-occurring trauma disorders. We are also recognized for our health care professionals program, our LGBTQ-sensitive care, and our innovative opiate addiction treatment program.

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