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Retreat at Lancaster County

Retreat is a private rehab center in PA providing effective drug and alcohol addiction programs as well as detoxification. Patients are treated on an individual basis and receive a custom treatment and recovery regimen to fully address their specific needs. We also offer holistic treatment which focuses on the whole person for lifelong wellness, rather than just the disease of addiction and its symptoms.

Rehab After Work and Life Counseling Services

Every year, thousands of people receive help from the Rehab After Work programs. Rehab After Work (RAW) and Rehab After School (RAS) is a licensed outpatient drug and alcohol treatment program which has been helping addicted individuals find the road to recovery for over a decade. The founding principle of our company is to help people and their families who are suffering from the disease of addictions. To our clients and their families, we represent hope and a chance at a new life through the support of counselors invested in their recovery and a company who cares.

Adolescent Advocates

Adolescent Advocates philosophy is to live in integrity, lead by example, and create a strong sense of self and community. We are committed to helping the members of our Community to restore balance and integrity in their family, academic and social situations; strengthening character helps our clients feel healthier and encourages a change in behavior. Community service within A2 and within our local community helps our clients to act and think outside of themselves.

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