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The Renfrew Center of Philadelphia

The Renfrew Center has been a pioneer in the treatment of eating disorders since 1985. As the nation�s first residential eating disorder facility, now with 16 locations throughout the country, Renfrew has helped more than 65,000 women with eating disorders and other behavioral health issues. Renfrew provides women suffering from anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder and related mental health problems, with the tools they need to succeed � in recovery and in life. Offering a warm, nurturing environment, Renfrew emphasizes a respect for the unique psychology of women, the importance of a collaborative therapeutic relationship and the belief that every woman needs to actively participate in her own growth and recovery.

Treatment Ready

To provide treatment placement and personalized care for those suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. We are here to guide both you and your loved ones through this journey to recovery. Here at Treatment Ready, we understand and empathize with the feelings of confusion and pain associated with drug and alcohol addiction. Having been down this path ourselves and having made it through, we ask only that you do not walk it alone....let us walk with you and journey together.

Viva Healthy Life - Center for Holistic Medicine

We recognize each patient as a distinctive organism, rather than an instance of a certain illness. Sickness at the same time is an outcome of corporeal, spiritual, expressive, social and ecological disproportion. Treatment, for that reason, takes place naturally when these pieces of existence are brought into suitable set of scales. Using Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Reiki and Clinical Hypnosis we teach your organism to heal itself.

Bowling Green Brandywine

Our philosophy is founded in the belief that chemical dependency is a highly treatable disease. A comprehensive treatment approach that utilizes medical, pharmacological, clinical, behavioral and 12-Step components, such as ours, is the most effective. Our commitment to providing innovative, clinically excellent and affordable programs, has made Bowling Green Brandywine a true leader in the field.

Life Counseling Services & The Light Program

Life Counseling Services has been a leading provider of outpatient mental health services in Pennsylvania and New Jersey for more than twenty years. We exist to help hurting people of all ages and we accept most insurance plans. Our clinical staff consists of psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, licensed professional counselors, and licensed marriage and family therapists.

Valley Forge Medical Center and Hospital

Valley Forge Medical Center and Hospital provides comprehensive treatment to adults with substance abuse and associated physical, social, and psychological disorders, as well as individuals suffering from chronic pain. Our 86 bed facility is located in East Norriton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania on a spacious, serene, wooded campus. Our professional staff provides high-quality, multidisciplinary treatment services and support to individuals and their families. We have multiple programs available including our "Breakthrough" Addiction- Free Chronic Pain Program, our Medical Recovery Unit or MRU, and our Addiction Program which provides all inpatient levels of care (both Hospital and Non-Hospital) as well as detox and rehabilitation. We also have a Latino program available for patients who are more comfortable receiving services in Spanish.

BioCare Recovery

At BioCare Recovery, we address the biology and the behavioral aspects of addiction treatment to give patients the best chance for long-term recovery and a return to normalcy. We believe in medications for treatment as a means to an end, not the end in itself. Our program is unique because patients are not required to leave their jobs, families and lives for weeks or even months at a time for treatment. Not only is this option more convenient and far less expensive than in-patient programs, but patients also learn to effectively cope with the stresses and triggers of their day-to-day lives without resorting to substance abuse.

Providence Living Treatment Center

Providence Living provides programming that is state-of-the-art, best practices and integrating the body, mind and spirit elements of your life in a boutique, upscale setting. We are staffed with well-trained and seasoned therapists, assisting our patients and their families meet their treatment goals and making great progress with their recovery. We understand the needs of professionals, and specifically those who have a �safety sensitive� profession and require them to be optimally performing at all times.

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