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Life Enhancement Center

Life Enhancement Center can help you achieve mental health and overcome addictions. We provide individualized treatment that is both effective and affordable. Life Enhancement Center is a cutting edge mental health , drug and alcohol, and pornography treatment center. We offer dual diagnosis programs specializing in treatment of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders; especially the disease of addiction.

Provo Canyon Behavioral Hospital - IOP

The PCBH mission is to provide quality in the delivery of healthcare services that result in our patients feeling well cared for and successful in their treatment. We strive to provide a level of care that result in PCBH being the first recommended treatment option by patients, family member, friends, and referring professionals. Our dedicated team of professionals will provide treatment in a safe, nurturing, and secure environment.

Cirque Lodge

Its in our Nature! Literally! The mountains are a beautiful and ideal place for healing and recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction. Cirque Lodge has the best of this and so much more. With alcohol rehab and drug rehab facilities in Sundance and Provo Canyon, we have an amazing venue and addiction treatment program to help you or your loved one overcome their problems dealing with substance abuse & addiction. Our commitment is to provide the most compassionate and competent treatment and dual diagnosis care in the most inspiring setting imaginable!

Connections Counseling Services

The LifeStar program is designed to provide addicted people and, if married, their spouses, with the tools and support to find hope, healing, and lasting recovery from sexual addiction and compulsive behaviors.

New Haven Residential Treatment Center

At New Haven, we base our treatment decisions on a simple question: What would I want for my daughter? We know that underneath her struggles � whether with an eating disorder, substance abuse, trauma, or another challenging emotional issue � your daughter is still there, waiting to be discovered, loved back to wholeness, and reunited with her family.

Maple Mountain Recovery

Following evidenced based practice concepts, our personalized treatment offers a traditional 12-step oriented curriculum with integration of a progressive and up to date cognitive behavioral mindfulness practice, a dialectic. Dialectic referring to our explicit desire to be sensitive toward the discomfort of change that we encourage our patients to accountably engage, while simultaneously seeking to maintain a productive, supportive and empathetic relationship. We have an explicit desire to keep the Maple Mountain Recovery environment a safe place to discover new horizons.

Alliance Clinical Services

The Alliance Clinical Services mission is to provide quality and efficient treatment for mental health issues, including mental illness, trauma, addiction, abuse, as well as educational services. ACS is a place where pain is met with compassion, fear is met with reassurance, and anger is met with understanding. Alliance provides the knowledge and tools to heal and unite families back together with positive life changes that support a healthy new start. ACS seeks to encourage each individual to make better life choices. We resolve to respect each individual and help each individual successfully realize personal goals.

Redwood Family Therapy

Redwood Family Therapy began with people in mind. The people who are in need of help, and the people that do the helping. And when it came to choosing the helpers � the therapists � only those who were quality people - healers - were chosen. Anyone can get a degree, many can get a license, but not everyone can be a true healer. Everyone who works at Redwood Family Therapy are healers. The person of the therapist is the most important. Their heart, their smile, their unique personal flavor. Add to that some experience, knowledge, and wisdom and you have someone who can walk with you side-by-side on your journey and can help you heal, grow, and thrive.

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