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Mount Regis Center

Mount Regis Center provides quality treatment to individuals struggling with addiction problems. Being a smaller facility allows us to provide an intimate atmosphere where the staff knows each patient on a more personal level. We provide a flexible treatment schedule that is based on the current population, so groups can be changed in order to more appropriately fit the needs of individuals who are there at the time. Our approach involves seeing more than just the presenting symptoms and focusing instead on the entire individual. An individual is so much more than the symptoms of their addiction.

Mt. Regis Center

The structured environment of an inpatient program can set the foundation for long-term sobriety from the ravages of addiction and severe alcohol abuse. Your treatment team will work closely with you to structure a recovery plan tailored to your individual needs and issues.

Life Center of Galax

Life Center of Galax offers quality addiction and dual diagnosis treatment for adult men and women. We are known nationwide as an industry leader in the substance abuse field.

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