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Rogers Memorial Hospital - Addiction

People struggling with addiction often find it extremely challenging to establish and maintain abstinence without help. Some people find long-term, sustained recovery using 12-Step programs alone, but others may need professional help (and some need more than one course of treatment) to achieve lasting success. At Rogers, we use components of 12-Step programming to provide the framework to educate patients about addictive illness and begin the recovery process.

West Grove Clinic

West Grove Clinic in Wauwatosa brings a unique approach to the treatment of mental health and addiction disorders, personalizing each treatment plan to meet the patient where they are. The clinic introduces patients to holistic healing methods, in addition to traditional medication management and therapy practices to bring about simultaneous healing of the mind, the body and the soul.

Shorehaven Behavioral Health, Inc

Shorehavens Vision is to be a leading regional recovery center for mental health, substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, child, and couple and family problems. We distinguish ourselves by offering a full range of state-of-the-art, evidence-based treatments by experienced professionals.

Aurora Psychiatric Hospital

Aurora Health Care is an integrated, not-for-profit, and all-for-people, health care provider serving communities throughout eastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Our approach keeps people in our minds and at the heart of everything we do. We treat each person as a person, not as a patient, an illness or an appointment.

Lakefront Wellness Center

At Lakefront Wellness Center we understand that asking for help with your problems can be intimidating. In fact, most people suffer much longer than necessary, or worse, they don�t get help at all because most people feel an inherent need to solve their problems by themselves. You can be assured that your treatment at Lakefront Wellness Center is respectful and confidential. Our atmosphere is lovely, peaceful, and discreet. You will learn that you are not alone in your experiences and everyone goes through things that, at times, overwhelm them, and require a little extra help.

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